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For Business

Strategy, review and advice for businesses doing the interesting stuff.

For Government

Bespoke consultancy, research and training, focusing on creative and digital industries.

For Not-for-Profits

Strategic planning, training and specialist projects for social enterprises.

Our Difference

We’re specialists: we get creative and digital businesses.

We listen: we put ourselves in your shoes.

We get you: we’ve worked as creative practitioners, business owners and in government positions for the creative industries. We understand your world.


We talk you through the big decisions to help your business thrive.

We provide business plans, operational reviews, business coaching and bespoke consulting on specific challenges.

Our clients include businesses in architecture, advertising and communications, app development, design (including graphic design, web design, industrial design), events, film and TV, games, marketing and PR, media and entertainment, music and performing arts, publishing, software development and visual arts.

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Strategic and business plans
Whether you’re planning for the future or want to overcome obstacles, we can help you take a holistic look at your business and explore pathways for success. We believe in a process that is iterative and collaborative. As the world changes around us we need to learn to adapt and we help our clients adopt this mindset.

Business health checks
Get a snapshot of where your business stands and improvements you can make. We look at four key areas: strategy, operations, sales and marketing and finance. We create a report that helps you understand areas that need attention and we set priorities for actionable items.


We provide expert advice and analysis.

We undertake a range of bespoke consulting projects for government organisations, seeking expert advice on creative industry issues.

Research and analysis
We undertake specialist consulting projects that inform and advise on a range of specific challenges that impact the arts and creative industries.

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Financial analysis
We provide financial analysis to help funding agencies make considered funding decisions. We create succinct and clear reporting on organisations and their financial model and sustainability.

Grant assessment and analysis
We undertake assessments for grant based programs based on our knowledge of the industry.

Our clients: Australia Council for the Arts, City of Sydney, Create NSW, Creative Partnerships Australia, Creative Victoria, NSW Department of Education, Screen Australia, Screen Territory, South Australian Film Corporation and Wollongong City Council.


We help your organisation prosper.

For not-for-profit organisations, we:

  • write strategic plans and undertake operational and governance reviews and
  • deliver financial and governance training for staff and boards.

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Our clients include arts organisations, screen industry bodies, and charities in the health care sector. We understand the issues specific to NFP organisations and tailor our approach to your organisation’s specific circumstances.

Our clients: Aids Council ACT, Carriageworks, Gondwana Choirs, LGBTI Alliance, Media Resource Centre, Outloud, Performing Lines, Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, State Opera of South Australia, Regional Arts NSW, Urban Theatre Projects.

David Sharpe

David Sharpe

Business Advisor

David Sharpe is a management and business consultant, specialising in creative and digital industries companies. His focus is on assisting business owners to identify and pursue opportunities for growth. Hundreds of clients around Australia have benefited from his ability to mix business nous with a keen understanding of the creative process.

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His clients include companies in design, app development, games, film & TV, performing arts, media & communications, events management and architecture. In all, he has over 10 years’ experience in coaching and advising creative industry clients.

As well as undertaking bespoke consulting engagements through Sharpe Advisory, David is contracted to Business Australia to work with ICT, Digital and Professional Service companies. He has held senior positions with, Generate (specialist accountants to the creative industries) Creative Industries Innovation Centre and Australia Council for the Arts.

He holds a Masters in Management (UTS), is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is undertaking a PhD on entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries.

Wendy Mather

Wendy Mather

Business Advisor

Wendy brings to this role her experience as an entrepreneur and small business person. As a creative herself, she understands how creatives operate and takes great pleasure in helping other creative businesses reach their full potential. It’s her ability to know what it’s like on the inside while being on the outside that makes her a valuable counsel to her clients.

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Wendy is highly strategic and able to sort through information to create clear priorities and actions. She is known for building trust quickly in order to challenge her clients to create real insights.

Her clients span the full range of creative services from Government to film production companies.

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