For great ideas to have impact, they have to be communicated with clarity and enthusiasm.

Over the years, Sharpe Advisory has written and produced a number of resources on business topics for creative industries professionals. Our clients turn to us because we take dry and complex subjects and make them easy to grasp. Then we point out the steps needed to navigate through them. All in plain English.

All the resources below are free to download from the sites of our valued clients and partners.

Business Planning

One Page Business Plan

Actually two pages (one page double sided!), but still a simple, easy to use cheat sheet for writing a business plan. Produced for Generate creative industry accounting specialists.

How to Write a Business Plan Ebook

If you need a full business plan, here’s a straightforward, no fuss guide to writing one. Produced for Generate.

Business Management

Top Tips on Dealmaking and Cash Management

Cheatsheets on two topics which cause creative business owners so many headaches. Using the collective wisdom of the folk at Generate.

How to Run a Profitable Architecture Practice

A guide to the ins and outs of the business of Architecture. Co-written with Ben Fletcher of Generate. (Ben has also written a guide to How to Run a Profitable Creative Agency, which is also well worth a look.)

How to sell (and pre-sell) your art

A fact sheet on making money from your art, produced for Creative Partnerships Australia.


Creating New Income Toolkit

A collection of over 50 short, practical articles on how to generate private support for the arts, produced for Create NSW. With thanks to co-writers Caroline Sharpen and Monica Davidson.

Which fundraising approach is right for me?

If you’re confused about your arts fundraising options, this is a great place to start. Produced for Creative Partnerships Australia.

How to approach philanthropic foundations

A step by step guide to preparing an application to these key arts funders. Produced for Creative Partnerships Australia.

Government Assistance

JobKeeper FAQs for Artists and Arts Organisations

Demystifying JobKeeper for the Arts. Produced for Australia Council for the Arts. Current as at June 2020.

Guide to Government COVID-19 Assistance for the Arts

The 9th edition of a guide produced for Australia Council for the Arts. Current as at June 2020.

How to find a grant for your business

Article written for Smart Company.

Financial Analysis

Top Five Financial Indicators for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Quick and easy financial ratios for NFP managers and board members to help decipher financials. Produced for Generate.


Finally, if you’re interested in entrepreneurship in Australia’s creative industries, so is David. In fact, he’s completing a PhD on the topic and blogging as he goes at Check it out!