12 big ideas for NSW’s arts, culture & creative industries

It’s not often a government puts out an open call for big ideas. It’s even rarer for them to ask for big ideas about the thing we think about all the time – how to grow the creative industries.

The NSW government put out such a call as part of their consultation process for a new arts, culture and creative industries policy. So, we put together a list – but we set ourselves a few parameters.

We wanted to suggest practical measures. Ones which would have a positive impact, but which were also distinct to NSW, capitalising on its strengths. Ideas that leverage different branches of the NSW government and economy, and which spanned the full range of creative industries. And, in these straitened times, we thought ideas that weren’t too costly might be appreciated.

Also, we didn’t want to write anything too long. 😉

We ended up with 12 big ideas. If you’d like to have a look at what we suggested, here’s our submission. Perhaps those ideas will never get any further than this. Or perhaps one or two will spark something that leads to some tangible benefits for the creative sector in NSW.   

We live in hope. And in hope of more big ideas.

Download our submission here.